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rqquotes's Journal

RQ Quotes
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Welcome to RQ Quotes. The idea was taken from metaquotes so please check that community out. The difference is that all of the quotes posted here are taken directly from RQ and its related communities. So if you read something that you find really funny (or really stupid), please feel free to post it here (and please tell us what user and post it came from). There are a few rules:

(1) Make sure all of your quotes are taken from the posts or comments in the following communities ONLY: rq_version3, rq_drama, youmakerqsuck. If you want to add your RQ related community to this list, please contact a moderator.
(2) Friends only posts on the aforementioned communities are OK for posting from.
(3) Please try not to flood the community with exclusive inside jokes. They're acceptable, but we're trying to keep this an open community where everyone can laugh at the posts.
(4) If you have a bunch of quotes to post, please put them all in one entry.

The moderators of this community are Evelyn & Evelyn (seychelles & dr0p_the_leash).

P.S. Geo's a faggot.